Monday, September 01, 2008

Movieforum Celebrates 10 Years At TIFF

Incredibly, TIFF 2008 marks the 10th straight year that Movieforum has covered The Toronto International Film Festival--back in 1998, shortly after our original hub's launch from the digital dust of eDrive and Tapehead, Canadian Correspondent (and longtime TIFF supporter back to the days when the event was known as "The Festival Of Festivals") Robert J. Lewis charmed himself some special screening vouchers and the following year, his thorough and thoughtful reviews awarded us official accreditation that the kind folks in the press department have granted us each successive year since.

With the first screening only days away, we've resurrected our blog incarnation for daily coverage of the 33th annual Toronto International Film Festival, which officially begins Thursday, September 4, 2007. As per our usual format, Robert's daily capsule reviews will appear shortly, with a more thorough and formal overview to follow at the fest's conclusion.